Jan 27 • 35M

Microsoft Metaverse, Twitter's NFT Profiles & Netflix

Host Alex Ragir is joined by Ethernity's Adrian Baschuk and Bellwether Culture's Pavan Bahl to understand NFTs, The Metaverse & content creators, along w/ Netflix slump convo with Mosheh Oinounou...

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In this episode we learn about the practical implications of the boom in in NFT & Metaverse investments, the role social media platforms will play in Web3, and discuss video streaming subscription fatigue.

I’m joined again with my panel of friends:

  • Adrian Baschuk, founding partner at Ethernity Chain, the platform that launched NFTs for Pele, Mohamed Ali, Messi, Maluma, Associated Press and more. He’s an old video journalist friend and Storyhunter, turned Crypto exec!

  • Pavan Bahl, founding partner of Bellwether Culture, a content & innovation studio in NYC, host of Fashion is Your Business podcast, a leading B2B podcast covering retail innovation.

  • Mosheh Oinounou, IMO the best news account on Instagram (@mosheh), and former exec producer for CBS News, Bloomberg TV, Fox News. Now he’s prez of Mo Digital.


Watch full episode here:

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision - biggest acquisition in gaming history

  • The state of Metaverse for collectibles, art, gaming, content, and retail

  • Twitter integrating NFT’s in their profile pics for subscribers only

  • The role of the large social platforms in the NFT space

  • Netflix’s 20% drop last week and what it means for video streaming

  • How content creators can take advantage of the NFT boom

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