Jul 20 • 26M

EP21: News Fatigue (w/ Mark Stenberg)

Host Alex Ragir is joined by Mark Stenberg, Senior Media Reporter for AdWeek, to discuss the state of publishing, subscription demand, remote work journalism and more...

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Alex Ragir
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Greetings from the Media Jungle!

Quick programming note: we’ll be taking off a coupla’ weeks for the summer, so look out for new episodes in August!

This week we have:

  • Mark Stenberg (@MarkStenberg3), Senior Media Reporter at Adweek. He’s the creator of Medialyte, a Substack newsletter that explores the innovators, innovations, and reasons for optimism in the media industry. Mark has also written for Vox, Nieman Lab, Poynter, and The Objective.

On today’s episode, we cover:

  • The state of digital media in 2022

  • Subscription models for publishers

  • Future of remote work in journalism

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Here’s links to some of the articles cited in the latest episode:

  1. “News engagement fell off a cliff in 2021" (Axios)

  2. “4 Charts Reveal How Facebook Traffic to Publishers Has Changed" (AdWeek)

  3. “News engagement plummets as Americans tune out" (Axios)

  4. “More people are avoiding the news, and trusting it less, report says" (Reuters)

  5. “Why you can't stop doomscrolling and 5 tips to halt the vicious cycle" (Insider)

  6. “Not all emotions are created equal: The negativity bias in social-emotional development" (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

  7. “Finding Balance in Our Digital Lives" (Managed Health Network)

  8. “Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2022" (Reuters Institute)

Here’s what happening in the news this week:

Missed last week’s show? Here are some clips from my chat with Joshua Darr:

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