Jun 22 • 21M

EP17: Will Facebook & Google Pay For Content In US?

Host Alex Ragir is joined by Bill Grueskin, professor at Columbia Journalism School, to discuss his trip to Australia to investigate content laws, recent spate of libel lawsuits, and interview tips..

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Alex Ragir
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This week he have:

  • Bill Grueskin (@BGrueskin): A professor at Columbia Journalism School and contributor to Columbia Journalism Review and former managing editor for both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Australia’s content laws forcing Google/Facebook to pay for content and whether US will pass something similar

  • Recent libel and defamation lawsuits, and what they mean for future

  • How Softball questions can be a great interview tactic

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Here’s some links to some of the articles cited in the latest episode:

  1. “How the New York Times editorial page got sued by Sarah Palin” (CJR)

  2. “Stop calling racist rhetoric a ‘dog whistle’" (CJR)

  3. “Australia pressured Google and Facebook to pay for journalism. Is America next?" (CJR)

  4. “Facebook rethinks news deals, and publishers stand to lose millions in payments” (WSJ)

  5. “Judge says Sarah Palin ‘failed to prove her case’ against the times” (NYT)

  6. “The Times is allowed to publish Project Veritas documents until a full appeal” (NYT)

  7. “The most expensive comment in internet history?" (The Atlantic)

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