Aug 24 • 24M

EP22: Tech's Guinea Pig (w/ Tim Burrowes)

Host Alex Ragir is joined by Tim Burrowes, founder of Mumbrella and author of "Media Unmade," to discuss his book, building a B2B media company, how Australia is tech's guinea pig and more...

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Alex Ragir
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Welcome back to the Media Jungle!

This week we have:

On today’s episode, we cover:

  • How tech giants experiment new features in Australia

  • How he grew to eventually build and sell a B2B media company in Mumbrella

  • More insights from his latest book, which breaks down the 2010s in Australian media and how the landscape differs from the U.S.

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Here’s what happening in the news this week:

Missed the last show? Here are some clips from my chat with Mark Stenberg:

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