Jan 20, 2022 • 28M

Kim Kardashian & Mayweather Sued In Crypto Scheme?? Also, Social Media Tips from Tech Guru

Host Alex Ragir is joined by tech guru Sree Sreenivasan as Mosh explains how the pandemic hobby went from 1K to 180K followers, Joe Rogan disrupts legacy media, and Alex does a GaryVee impression...

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Alex Ragir
Hosted by entrepreneur and journalist Alex Ragir, Media Jungle breaks down the business behind the news industry and the creator economy, keeping you informed and entertained on the biggest issues and trends. New episodes every week.
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We have an insightful and entertaining episode today, exploring the business behind the creator revolution and biggest news in digital media…

I’m joined again with my panel of friends:

  • Sree Sreenivasan, former Chief Digital Officer of New York City, The Met & Columbia University… Fast Company named him in Most Creative People of the year. Now, he’s CEO of Digimentors and Sree’s Sunday Note.

  • Mosheh Oinounou, IMO the best news account on Instagram (@mosheh), and former exec producer for CBS News, Bloomberg TV, Fox News. Now he’s prez of Mo Digital.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Kim Kardashian & Floyd Mayweather Get Sued in Pump & Dump Scheme

  • TikTok Stars Make More $ Than S&P 500 CEOs

  • Joe Rogan Disrupts Legacy Media: Demolishes Fox, CNN, MSNBC 

  • Tech Guru Sree Sreenivasan Gives Social Media Tips to Young Creators

  • Mosheh Oinounou Explains How He Went From 1K to 180K Instagram Following

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