Feb 2 • 23M

Joe Rogan Politics, Crypto Takes Over Marketing, Hackers Steal NFTs

Host Alex Ragir is joined by David Berkowitz,SVP of Marketing at Mediaocean, and news veteran Mosheh Oinounou to discuss crypto's ubiquity in the ad world, Joe Rogan's apology, NFT hackers and more..

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Alex Ragir
Hosted by entrepreneur and journalist Alex Ragir, Media Jungle breaks down the business behind the news industry and the creator economy, keeping you informed and entertained on the biggest issues and trends. New episodes every week.
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In this episode, I’m joined again with my panel of friends:

  • David Berkowitz — SVP of Marketing for Mediaocean and previously ran marketing for Storyhunter, MRY, 360i, Sysomos and more. Keynote speaker and founder of Serial Marketers community, he minted $CMO crypto coin.

  • Mosheh Oinounou, IMO the best news account on Instagram (@mosheh), and former exec producer for CBS News, Bloomberg TV, Fox News. Now he’s prez of Mo Digital.

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In today’s episode, we cover:

  • The Joe Rogan & Spotify controversy

  • Entertainment journalism in general

  • How crypto has changed brand marketing

  • Launching your own crypto coin as a creator

  • How hackers found a loophole in the Oceansea NFT platform and successfully stole $1M & what it means for the evolution of the industry

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