Dec 29, 2021 • 12M

Don't 'Follow Your Passion' - Career Tips For in 2022 - Holiday Edition

Host Alex Ragir is joined by journalism/ digital media veterans Brian Morrissey & Mosheh Oinounou to talk discuss how young media professionals should approach building a career in media.

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Alex Ragir
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Happy Holidays!

In Episode 6 of our 1st season, we have a shorter holiday edition (15 mins) discussing strategies for moving up the ladder in the media business in 2022.

We’ll take a week off but will be coming back Jan. 12 with a lot of new faces to unpack the business behind media and technology. I’m producing this for you, so let me know any topics you’d like me to cover (just reply to this email), or any interesting person you think I should have on. Or just press reply to say hi!

ALSO, we’re hiring production/social media interns for Q1, so if you know any young, hungry podcast & social media producers, pass this job description along to them, or just respond to this email!

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On this episode, I’m joined again with my panel of friends:

  • Brian Morrissey, former president/EIC of Digiday & founder of The Rebooting (great newsletter & podcast exploring how to build sustainable media businesses)

  • Mosheh Oinounou, IMO the best news account on Instagram (@mosheh), and former exec producer for CBS News, Bloomberg TV, Fox News. Now he’s prez of Mo Digital.

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